Meet Optii – the AI Powered Cognitive Modeling Solution that gives you the Power of Foresight.

Imagine the capability to act today to prevent supply chain disruption in the future.
The advanced intelligence and insight to identify future issues with service cost and inventory BEFORE THEY MANIFEST and the actions you need to take to circumvent them TODAY.
This is the Power of Foresight. This is Optii.
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Circumvent Disruption, Reduce Costs and Manage your Supply Chain Skills Shortage.

Oii.ai enables organizations to consistently achieve the perfect supply chain planning set up to meet their strategic goals and maximise profit.
Optii our patent-prending proprietary software plugs into your existing planning infrastructure and automates the complexity of network configuration.
Optii utilizes AI and smart simulations to find and maintain the optimal network set-up to meet service goals, minimize costs and waste and increase revenue.
The software is easy to use and highly intuitive. New planners can become proficient within a few days and fast results and speedy ROI mean that your Customers are happy and the CFO is happy.


Achieving your competitive advantage through automated supply chain modeling.

Oii.ai is a Data-Driven Predictive Analytics company that uses AI and Advanced Scientific Modeling to construct cost-effective resilient supply chains.
Optii harnesses the power of AI to visualize, benchmark and identify potential risk and to automate supply chain configuration.
Optii gives actionable insight on how to set-up and maintain the optimal supply chain planning set-up to build resilience whilst simultaneously ensuring waste is reduced, costs are transparent and profitability is maximized.

From measuring black holes to modeling complex supply chain networks.

Our CEO Bob Rogers PhD began his career as a Harvard physicist using neural networks to measure activity near black holes in deep space. During his 35 year career Bob has been a trailblazer in using AI to solve complex problems. In this short video he explains how Oii.ai is using advanced modeling and AI to optimise supply chain planning and automate the configuration of complex networks.


“Oii is in every sense, a game-changer for supply chain planning”. Our patent-pending SMSpace algorithm aligns the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, with science-based modeling to unlock benefits latent in your network – simulating and evaluating each and every supply chain setup, and all the future disruptive sources.” We tell you how to set up your network to maximise profitability and sales.


Oii.ai has worked with some of the most respected and demanding organizations in the world.

Solving global supply chain issues.

“Within four weeks of using Optii we had a visualization of our E2E network and it was a revelation for me because now I could see where my costs were, where my inventory was out of alignment and where my opportunities for driving increased revenue was. I could then use the software to prioritise my improvement program and quickly leverage benefit.”

Head of Supply Chain AP
FTSE 100 Pharma

“Oii gave me the ability to visualize the end to end supply chain and understand the current state of my inventory, costs, lead-time and service etc compared to target and then be able to see what an optimized supply chain would look like and what actions I needed to take to achieve this.”

Head of Supply Chain Transformation
Fortune 500 Pharma


Rapid Return on Investment.

Deployment of Optii is agile and easy; the tool does not replace the existing systems infrastructure and payback on investment is fast. Once the data sources are identified and the adaptive ETL capability is plugged in, we have found that you can typically expect benefits of the following magnitude:


Oii.ai is a Data Science company with deep expertise in Supply Chain.

Oii was created by a team of pre-eminent practitioners and visionaries from the world of Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Planning and is led by Bob Rogers PhD, an international leader in the field of Data Science.
With a wide variety of backgrounds and sector-specific experience, the team are united by their passion to revolutionize supply chain planning and transform business performance.
Take a look at our credentials, our backgrounds, and our passions:


Optii solves your immediate and future pain points whilst addressing multiple business use cases simultaneously.

The Power of Foresight is the capability to take action today to circumvent issues tomorrow.

Do you achieve your service goals without expedites?

Is your product catalog rationalized and driving maximum profitability?

Do you have the right inventory?

Are your costs transparent and optimal?

Where stock policy fails to model the impact of obsolescence the outcome is discards.

Are your carbon levels visible and considered in your supply chain design?


Unique features that benefit your organization.

SMSpace, patent-pending probabilistic methodology.
Experienced team with exhaustive AI backgrounds.
Proven fundamentals
and ROI.
Plugin integration with existing planning systems.
Intuitive UX design, minimal training required.
Rapid onboarding commencing


Reimagine supply chain network design and configuration in 5 steps.

The Power of Foresight is the capability to take action today to circumvent issues tomorrow.
  • Optii plugs into your existing systems infrastructure
  • Automatically builds a model of your end-to-end supply chain network
  • Tells you where your issues are TODAY and where you will have issues in the FUTURE
  • It identifies cost savings and right sizes your inventory levels whilst simultaneously delivering transparency of your activity based costs.
  • Tells you the optimal supply chain planning configuration for every item in your network


White papers

Utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence to model the optimal supply chain and unlock benefits from your planning system.

Why Your Safety Stock Calculations May Lose You Money and Customers.

Organisations frequently focus on manipulating inventory policies in an attempt to improve service and reduce the cost of overstocked inventories.

Driving Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Improved Profitability.

To set up and manage your supply chain effectively requires detailed understanding and transparency of your Supply Chain Costs.

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