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_Business Benefits

Oii solves your immediate and future pain points whilst addressing multiple business use cases simultaneously.

Do you achieve your service goals without expedites?

Is your product catalog rationalized and driving maximum profitability?

Do you have the right inventory?

Are your costs transparent and optimal?

Do your plans drive high levels of waste?

Are your carbon levels visible and considered in your supply chain design?


Do you achieve your service goals without expedites?

Traditional planning systems rely on 100% accuracy in forecasts, lead-time compliance, system configuration and data accuracy.
But what happens if those components are not accurate?

Then the plans that drive the E2E supply chain operation will be incorrect and this leads to service failures and the need for expedites and fire fighting to address shortfalls.

Oii removes the dependence on being able to accurately predict the future by finding and maintaining the right planning parameter configuration to cope with current and future network variability.

Our software uses AI and advanced modeling to determine the RIGHT supply chain design to ensure you meet your service targets in the most cost effective way. By simulating future risk scenarios, the tool determines what actions are needed NOW to respond to disruption in the future, giving you the resilience to meet your service goals without intervention or expedites.


Is your product catalog rationalized and driving maximum profitability?

Having the right Product Catalog is crucial to long term business success.

To get this right requires an understanding of the sales v cost profile of each item in the portfolio.

The Oii tool makes ACTIVITY costs at item level TRANSPARENT facilitating visibility of how each item contributes to the profitability of the business.

The software builds fundamentally improved cost structure from item level upwards delivering cost reductions and ensuring margins are maximised.


Do you have the right inventory?

Determining the right stock to hold at each point in the supply chain is a highly complex modelling task that needs to consider; service goals, network variability, costs and replenishment model.

Getting this wrong results in service issues or cash unnecessarily tied up in stock. Oii models optimal E2E multi echelon inventory strategies by simulating alternative future strategies and their probabilistic outcomes.

It identifies the right inventory holding to meet service goals whilst avoiding waste and the tool balances the cost of inventory with the need to meet sales targets. It gives item level ACTIONABLE recommendations for every SKU in your portfolio.


Do your plans drive high levels of waste?

Where planning configuration fails to model the impact of obsolescence the outcome is discards.

Money literally thrown away as a consequence of manual network configuration. The Oii tool utilises shelf life data to ensure that stock levels consider the risk of obsolescence thereby minimizing the risk of write offs in the modelling calculation


Are your carbon levels visible and considered in your supply chain design?

Oii makes the CO2 impact of your supply chain design visible.

It builds sustainability into your supply chain configuration and flags areas where intervention is needed to minimise the cost of your network to the environment.

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