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Reimagine supply chain network design and configuration in 5 steps.

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Step 01
Plug into Adaptive ETL
Step 02
Automate Planning Configuration
Step 03
Health Check Determines Resilience
Step 04
What If Capability
Step 05
Action Boards

_STEP 01


Plug into
Adaptive ETL

Oii’s Adaptive ETL pipeline plugs securely and quickly into even the most complex systems infrastructure and maps the data it needs to build a virtual model of the existing supply chain network. This enables the tool to simulate performance and evaluate risks and opportunities.

Connecting your data is easy
  • Optii  plugs into your existing systems infrastructure
  • Ability to integrate with even the most complex systems and platforms
  • Data integration is agile and in most cases, straightforward
Connecting your data is easy

Optii conducts a Master data Health Check, flagging missing data and pinpointing data points that need attention. Too often businesses plan with incorrect or missing data driving inaccurate and costly plans. Optii fixes this issue.

Oil’s patent-pending SMSpace – the proprietary probabilistic modelling and planning software your business needs.

_STEP 02


Advanced AI modeling to Automate Planning Configuration

SMSpacesm our Advanced Cognitive Modelling Algorithm utilizes smart simulations & scenario analysis to model the optimal plan set-up to respond to network variability and risk.

It does this by building a multiverse of digital twins and simulating how each of these perform against different profiles of future demand and supply variability.

By navigating the multitude of possible supply chain setups and outcomes the tool finds the best one.

What questions does Optii Answer?

What is the optimal supply chain set-up to meet my service goals and maximise revenue?

What inventory should I be holding and where should I hold it?

What is the right planning set-up to avoid waste?

What is the right balance of cycle stock and manufacturing complexity?

_STEP 03


Supply Chain Health Check Determines Resilience To Future Issues and Risks.

Optii diagnoses current and future issues, risks and opportunities and tells you what actions are needed to deliver quantifiable improvements to Service, Costs and Inventory.

The health check gives instant visibility and clarity on where issues are currently, as well as identifying probable future disruption, whilst providing full transparency of activity-based costs, and potential costs savings.

What questions does Optii Answer?

Show me what  sales are at risk of disruption by brand?

Which items are driving my warehouse costs?

Show me which items have too much inventory?

Where are the biggest opportunities to cut costs?

Where do I have a risk of write-offs?

What is my carbon footprint?

_STEP 04


What If Capability enables businesses to respond pro-actively to potential future scenarios.

Risks can be assessed and response options quantified.

Risk mitigation scenarios can be compared and costed and cost-effective strategies implemented.

What questions does Optii Answer?

What would be  the impact of greater sales volatility on Brand X?

What would be the  impact of an increase in lead time variability on products sourced from the Taiwan?

What would it cost to mitigate risks caused by increased lead time variability from Supplier ABC?

What would the inventory impact of increasing service targets on all AX products?

_STEP 05


Action Boards give precise Actionable Directions to optimise costs, maximise sales and avoid waste.

Optii informs.

With a focus on “What now”, Optii tells you what ACTION do you need to take today to circumvent issues with service, cost, inventory and waste tomorrow

What questions does Optii Answer?

What changes to my plan set up do I need to take to avoid service failures?

What actions do we need to take to reduce costs and maximise margin?

What actions do we need to take to ”right size” our inventory levels?

Which changes to my plan set-up will have the biggest impact on cost and inventory?

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